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See Brad Paisley's Moving Video Tribute to Johnny Cash

Apr 25 | Posted by: Cash Cabin

"Gold All Over the Ground" pictures Cash family heirlooms and the grounds of the cabin where the Man in Black wrote and recorded.

"If you're ever down, I'd give you rows of roses and gold all over the ground," Brad Paisley sings during "Gold on the Ground," an acoustic ballad built upon an old poem by country giant Johnny Cash.

Appropriately, Paisley makes a pilgrimage to the so-called Cash Cabin in the new video for "Gold on the Ground," whose three-and-a-half minutes are filled with archival video footage, Cash family heirlooms and an emotional Paisley playing the song alone. Built in 1978, Cash's Tennessee cabin was originally used as a quiet, isolated place to create music and later turned into a recording studio, with both Cash and wife June Carter (for whom he wrote "Gold All Over the Ground") tracking some of their final albums within its wooden walls. The poem version of "Gold All Over the Ground" was recently published in Cash's volume Forever Words.

With both Paisley and Cash listed as co-writers, "Gold on the Ground" makes its official debut on Friday, when Love and War – Paisley's sprawling, long-awaited, 16-song follow-up to Moonshine in the Trunk – hits stores. Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and Timbaland all make guest appearances, turning Love and War not only into a showcase for Paisley's writing and instrumental abilities, but a sign of his growing reputation far beyond the bounds of country music.


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